The drawings and the coloring tool are now completely for free

It is for free but, if you can, a small contribution is welcome

Line Art drawings are retrieved, from many websites, by leveraging on a search engine specialized for this purpose. If you are curious to know more about the authors of the pictures, we invite you to click on the “globe” icon, as it opens the url where the pictures are located.

As we do not own copyrights, we are not requiring any form of payment to load these drawings, they are all accessible completely for free. Note that, in case the image is low resolution, it is because the hosting website doesn’t want us to display them on his behalf. In that case, you still can visit the url, as explained previously.

Also, Line Art features a coloring tool which you can use anywhere (better if you can use the Apple Pencil for this purpose though) a scanner to import your masterpieces and save them onto the cloud. These capabilities are also made available for free, yet we put a lot of energy and time to produce and improve them. So, if the $1 subscription isn’t costly for, we’d appreciate so much if you can contribute from time to time.

Thank you so much!

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